A Brand New Perspective on Draft Beer

We created an innovative and functional mobile application for Pubinno.

Project Timeline

Mar 2021 - Mar 2024




— App Development — Product Development

Pubinno is a San Francisco-based startup dedicated to building a technology ecosystem for the burgeoning craft beer revolution. Seeking to enhance their digital existence, they approached us for a comprehensive overhaul of their existing app, aiming to improve its design, structure, and functionality.

Before collaborating with us, Pubinno struggled with an app that was underperforming in terms of user engagement and technical robustness. They needed a partner who could not only refine the app's aesthetics but also its overall operational efficiency.

Responding to these challenges, we developed two mobile apps that transformed Pubinno's operational capabilities and user experience. The first app provided a detailed dashboard for tracking operations, while the second facilitated the control of custom IoT hardware using Bluetooth. This development led to a 230% increase in Monthly Active Users (MAU) for Pubinno, underscoring the effectiveness of our streamlined development process and timely delivery.

Feedback from Pubinno highlighted our responsive communication, effective project management, and the high quality of the code and team talent, resulting in improved service efficiency and customer satisfaction.