All-in-One Messaging SAAS

We crafted Connexease v3 from the ground up.


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Connexease is an innovative SAAS platform that has transformed customer communication by integrating messages from multiple channels into a single, manageable interface, streamlining the user experience significantly.

The challenge they faced was a large and unwieldy codebase that hindered their platform's performance and scalability. They needed a solution that could not only dissect the existing codebase into manageable segments but also modernize the design, software architecture, and cloud infrastructure to accommodate growing traffic demands efficiently.

After partnering with us, Connexease experienced a remarkable transformation. We meticulously rewrote the front-end to enhance performance and manageability. The pre-existing platform, initially struggling to support the influx of user traffic and posing a challenge for developers to maintain, was overhauled. Our efforts led to a 72% reduction in monthly cloud payments for Connexease, thanks to the transition to a micro front-end architecture that also expedited deployment processes and scaled the product's traffic handling capabilities.

Our engagement with Connexease has been marked by our ability to consistently offer superior solutions and overcome every challenge, leading to a significantly optimized communication platform.