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Motus is a social fitness app that integrates an AI trainer to offer real-time form feedback to its users, revolutionizing the way fitness enthusiasts interact with their workouts.

Initially, Motus needed a reliable partner to develop a custom software and mobile app that could seamlessly incorporate advanced features like subscription models, content management systems (CMS), and machine learning (ML) tools for real-time feedback. Their goal was to create a platform that was not only functional but also engaging and user-friendly.

We developed a React Native mobile app tailored to the social fitness platform's needs, incorporating subscription functionalities, a robust CMS, and ML tools for instant user feedback. Our proactive approach allowed us to deliver the project ahead of schedule, and we went beyond the initial requirements to enhance the app's performance and user experience. Our team led the QA testing, ensuring the app's reliability and smooth operation. We were not just focused on meeting the outlined objectives but also provided strategic insights and worked on additional features to exceed Motus's expectations.

Our dedication to the project's success was reflected in our effective communication, meticulous project management, and a cooperative attitude, solidifying our role as a partner committed to Motus's success, rather than just a service provider.