Personalized Autoimmune Disease Care Platform

We delivered functional apps within schedule.




— App Development — Product Development

Gundry Health is a company that presents a revolutionary approach to treating autoimmune diseases. Through their personalized clinical care program, they assist patients in enhancing their health, happiness, and longevity.

In our collaboration with Gundry Health, we undertook the development of iOS and Android mobile apps. Our team was instrumental in building the apps' structure, deciding on the feature set, and implementing necessary adjustments and fixes.

We delivered functional applications within the agreed-upon schedule, showcasing our exceptional project management and communication skills throughout the development process. Gundry Health recognized the mobile app as a turnkey project where we worked closely from inception to structure creation and feature selection, executing all tasks promptly and building on ideas throughout the development phase.

Our responsiveness and ability to efficiently address their needs and requests have been highlighted as key strengths. With the apps running smoothly on both iOS and Android platforms, we continue to track data flow and usage metrics, ensuring flawless progress.

We are now focusing on adding new features and versions, with Gundry Health expressing gratitude for our partnership and looking forward to future collaborations, emphasizing our reliable project management, creative and solution-oriented approach.