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Branchsight is a Digital marketing platform tailored for multi-location businesses, providing innovative solutions to streamline their marketing efforts. They sought a partner capable of developing a comprehensive marketing technology product from scratch to enhance their digital strategy.

Before engaging with us, Branchsight needed to translate their concept into a functional product to kickstart their digital marketing services. They were in search of a reliable team to develop and launch their first-ever marketing tech product, ensuring it was scalable and user-friendly.

We took on the challenge, developing a marketing technology product that not only met Branchsight's initial requirements but also laid the groundwork for future enhancements. From ideation to launch, we delivered a robust solution, enabling Branchsight to onboard their first customer successfully. Our ongoing collaboration involves crafting new solutions, continually enhancing the product's capabilities. The development of both a mobile and web app marked significant milestones, achieved seamlessly under our guidance. Our proactive communication, adherence to timelines, and cost-effective strategies have consistently exceeded Branchsight's expectations.

The success of this partnership is underscored by their acknowledgment that we consistently provide superior solutions, culminating in the successful launch of their inaugural mobile and web applications.