Sales Management Platform for Real Estate Agencies

We offered great middle management and technical knowledge.




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Fizbot Sales Navigator is the sales management platform specifically designed for real estate offices. It enhances the speed and follow-up of consultants while allowing offices to seamlessly track, measure, and manage performance.

Tasked with externalizing their web development to address the need for specialized front-end expertise, Fizbot partnered with us for our technical knowledge and middle management strength. Our assignment was front-end web development for Fizbot, facing challenges in managing front-end development internally due to a lack of senior-level skills and budget constraints for hiring more experienced developers.

We adopted the Scrum methodology, efficiently managing biweekly sprints that led to the successful completion of 95% of the planned deliverables. Our comprehensive service included not only core development tasks but also documentation, continuous improvements, and fixes.

Fizbot praised our team for providing value beyond just front-end development, appreciating our broad-based support and technical expertise in delivering their web development project effectively.